There are no IAPTC funds, and no easy means of managing any such funds if they existed. Previous proposals to have a membership fee have repeatedly been voted down. Partnerships are encouraged between less-economically viable countries/organizations and those countries with capacity-building programs, in order to assist with participation in the annual conferences. The hosts provide the venue and seek to minimize in-country transport, accommodation, social and certain other costs. Together with some (voluntary) members and working with the Executive Committee, the host also ensures that costs for critical speakers are covered. It has become recent practice to levy a conference fee in order to assist the host with certain costs related to supporting the venue, refreshment breaks and local transport.


The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) is an open and voluntary association of centres, institutions, and programs dealing with peace operations research, education, and training. It was initiated by Canada’s Pearson Peacekeeping Center (PPC) in 1995.
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