About Annual Conference

Purpose of the Annual Conference

The purpose of the annual conference is to offer stakeholders involved in training for peacekeeping operations a forum to broaden contact and discussions, to share ideas and experiences, good practices and lessons learned, with the view to harmonizing training programmes in alignment with evolving contemporary trends and threats.

Annual Conference Planning and Management

Planning and management of the annual conference is a responsibility shared between the Executive Committee and the hosting organization, where the Executive Committee is primarily focused on the development and conduct of the plenary programme, and the Host provides the necessary logistical and administrative arrangements to support the conduct of the annual conference.
Planning usually takes place in the first quarter of the year. The Host is expected to organize an Executive Committee meeting usually in the city and venue where the annual conference is planned to be hosted.
The purpose of the planning meeting is to agree on the conference theme/sub-themes and the necessary logistical/administrative preparations for the annual conference. The Executive Committee meeting agenda is developed by the Host in consultation with the Secretariat.
Key outcomes from that planning meeting include: an outline conference programme detailing topics, speakers, and conference formats; a concept note describing the background for the selected theme and overall conduct and management of the annual conference; and a review of the Executive Committee and Host follow-on tasks.


The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) is an open and voluntary association of centres, institutions, and programs dealing with peace operations research, education, and training. It was initiated by Canada’s Pearson Peacekeeping Center (PPC) in 1995.
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