The Executive Committee Members meeting was held from 20 to 22 February 2018 in Auckland.  

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Executive Committee Planning and Responsibilities


Over the 20 year history of the IAPTC a number of practices have evolved that have proven useful in the management of the Association’s business and the preparations for, and conduct of, the Annual Conference. The Secretariat, assisted as necessary by the Consolidation and Development Committee, provides advice and assistance to both the Presidency and Host in these matters. Set out below is a brief summary of the purposes and content of the Executive Committee (EC) planning meeting for the Annual Conference, of the three normal EC meetings held during the Annual Conference, and of the Annual General Meeting. Since much of the Executive Committee is rotational and since different individuals can represent their organization, this document is meant as guidance for the planning and management processes. This is a living issue in the sense that as practices evolve and become more effective, the details can be captured and updated in this section by the Secretariat.


Aim: The aims of the planning meeting are to determine a theme for the annual conference, to develop the annual conference program in detail, to identify speakers, to agree and assign responsibility for contacting speakers, to discuss outstanding business/issues, to determine overall responsibilities of individual EC members regarding the Annual Conference, to meet principal members of the host team and to view conference facilities.

This meeting is normally held during the first half of the calendar year, some 4 to 5 months ahead of the annual conference, and is normally held at the location of the annual conference.


Aim: The aims of the initial EC meeting are to review the status of the program, to identify any gaps in speakers and/or chairpersons and to rectify them, to review outstanding business/issues and as necessary plan for additional discussions on such matters, to begin the planning for the composition of the next Executive Committee taking account of the geographic rotation policy, to identify possible issues for the Annual General Meeting, to assign responsibilities for briefing chairpersons, to assign responsibilities with respect to identifying a host for 2 years out and for the executive committee for the next year, to become familiar with conference administration details, and to view conference facilities.


Aim: The aim of the ‘mid-conference’ EC session is to prepare for the Annual General Meeting and to consider the status (volunteers and geographic balance?) of the next Executive Committee, as well as to consider progress with respect to the hosting of the annual conference 2 years ahead. It is also an opportunity to identify issues which have been raised by members and to gauge the success of the conference to date. Depending upon the discussions it may be necessary to schedule a third meeting just ahead of the Annual General Meeting (either the evening preceding the AGM or at a working breakfast on the morning of the AGM)?


Aim: The aim of the meeting immediately following the annual conference is to thank the members of the outgoing Executive Committee, to introduce the new Committee, to establish possible dates for the planning meeting in the following year, to agree a work program if necessary, and to determ9ine responsibilities of the committee and/or various members in the months between the annual conference and the next planning meeting.


Aim: The aim of the Annual General Meeting is for the membership to review and discuss the business of the Association under the chairmanship of the Presidency, with advice from the Executive Committee. This business might normally include items such as brief updates from the Presidency, Consolidation and Development Committee, and the Secretariat; follow-up issues from previous conferences; any proposals regarding the IAPTC Articles of Association; the theme for the next annual conference; the host for the conference two years ahead; the web site; the new Executive Committee; and, most importantly, any issues, ideas and/or recommendations raised by the Association members.

The AGM is normally held on the closing day of the Annual Conference. Following the Annual General Meeting there is a handover ceremony of the Presidency of the IAPTC from the current Presidency to the outgoing Host.