The Executive Committee Members meeting was held from 20 to 22 February 2018 in Auckland.  

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Expectations of Annual Conference Participants

The success of the IAPTC concept, and in particular the annual conference, is heavily dependent on the active engagement of all participants.

Prior to the conference participants are urged to consider and as appropriate research the conference theme; to consider issues of particular current self interest and therefore consider proposing and leading a thematic discussion on same during the annual conference; and, to prepare an information package on their organization for inclusion in the annual conference’s ‘Ideas Bazaar’.

During the conference
participants are urged to contribute to plenary and group discussions; to share personal, organizational and national experiences; to take advantage of networking opportunities; and, to consider volunteering to join the IAPTC Executive (planning) Committee as a functional chairperson.

During the conference’s ‘Annual General Meeting’ at the close of the conference participants are asked to provide views on the IAPTC concept and the annual conference program; to raise additional education and training issues not discussed during the course of the program; to consider hosting a future annual conference; and to propose theme(s) for the next annual conference.