The Executive Committee Members meeting was held from 20 to 22 February 2018 in Auckland.  

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Articles of Association

The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers
“Dedicated to the achievement of excellence”

1. First adopted at the 5th Annual Meeting held at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia 23-25 June 1999.

2. Revised at the 7th Annual Meeting held at the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan, 22-24 October 2001

3. Revised at the 11 th Annual General Meeting held at the Centre for UN Peacekeeping, New Delhi , India , 28 October 2005

4. Revised at the 14th Annual General Meeting held at the National Defence College in Abuja, Nigeria, 6-10 Oct 2008

5. Revised at the 19th Annual General Meeting held at the Bangladesh Institute for Peace Operations Training, 28-31 October 2013.

6. Revised at the 20th Annual General Meeting held at Jakarta , Indonesia on 26 Jun 2014.

I: Name and Purpose
1. The International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers is an open and voluntary association of individuals, centers, institutions and programs dealing with peacekeeping research, education and training.

2. The IAPTC promotes better understanding of peacekeeping, its goals, objectives and of the methods used in training for peacekeeping operations of all types. It will broaden contacts between and among various international organizations, peacekeeping training centers and institutions, Universities and other interested groups, thus leading to more effective peacekeeping.

3. The objectives of the Association are:

(a) To promulgate an understanding of training standards developed by the UN and other relevant organizations and to encourage their adoption;

(b) To educate ourselves about peace operations policy matters;

(c) To identify emerging training requirements flowing from relevant policy matters;
(d) To promote the exchange of experience among training institutions regarding different training methodologies;

(e) To create conditions that facilitate effective networking and cooperation (bilateral, regional, etc.);

(f) To promote an understanding of the different institutional perspectives and organizational cultures present among military, police and civilian components in peace operations;

(g) To promote gender mainstreaming in peace operations.

II: Membership

1. Membership is open to individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in peacekeeping research, education and training.

2. Those participating in the annual conference shall be considered the current membership for the IAPTC.

III: Governance

1. All members shall be invited to participate and vote at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting has ultimate authority over the programme and activities of the association.

2. The general direction of the work of the Association shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee of the IAPTC. It shall consist of a troika Presidency from the organizations hosting the Annual Conferences. The term of office of the President shall be one year. The President will take office at the Annual General Meeting, and will be from the organization hosting that year’s Annual Conference. The Past-President will be from the organization that hosted the previous conference. The President-Elect will be from the organization that will host the next year’s Annual Conference. The Presidency shall rotate among the following regions: Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.

3. The Executive Committee of the IAPTC will consist of: the three members of the Presidency and the upcoming Host; the chairpersons of the Military, Police and Civilian Committees as well as the chairpersons of such other Committees formed to support both the Executive Committee and the roles, responsibilities, and objectives of the Association; a senior representative from UNDPKO; and the Director of the Secretariat. The Committee composition also provides for the inclusion of ex-officio members.”

4. The Secretariat shall be responsible for the continuing operation of the IAPTC under the guidance of the Executive Committee.

IV: Meeting of Association Members

1. Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting and any special meeting of the members of the Association shall constitute the expression of the will of the members and shall establish policies to be implemented by the Executive Committee.

2. The membership of the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting at the time of the Annual Conference. All action at the Annual General Meeting shall be by majority of those present and eligible, except in the case of amendments to the Articles of Association, which will be subject to the provisions of Article VIII.

V: Committees of the Association

1. The implementation of the Association’s programme, in accordance with the decisions of the Annual General Meeting, shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee, such other committees and working groups that the Executive Committee shall deem necessary or appropriate to carry out its responsibilities.

2. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be:

(a) To plan a program for the Annual Conference

(b) To develop a theme for the annual conference based on themes proposed by members at the annual general meeting during the last annual conference.

(c) To keep members of the Association fully informed of program activities;

(d) To oversee the operations of the Secretariat and the Presidency and the implementation of the Association’s program.

(e) To appoint those committees and working groups that are necessary to implement the Association’s programme and to receive their reports as requested by the Executive Committee; and

(f) To advance the concept, objectives and membership of the IAPTC.

VI: The Secretariat

1. The Secretariat will be headed by a Director, who shall be a senior executive of the organization hosting the IAPTC Secretariat.

VII: Host Organization Responsibility

1. The organization hosting the Annual Conference shall be responsible for all aspects of hosting the conference and shall follow the theme set out at the Annual General Meeting.

VIII : Amendments

1. Amendments to these Articles of Association may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by Twenty-five members on petition. Proposed amendments shall be notified in advance of the Annual Conference to the membership, and presented to the participants of the Annual Conference at the outset of the Annual Conference. Thereafter, they will be considered at the Annual General Meeting of the membership and shall be adopted if approved by two-thirds of the members present and voting.

IX: Procedures

1. The Annual General Meeting shall follow procedures in accordance with the normal practices of parliamentary bodies.

X: Termination

1. In case of termination, the assets and obligations of the Association shall be dealt with in accordance with specific arrangements agreed with funding sources and the general provisions followed under the laws of the country where the IAPTC has a legal persona.